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Exit Bath and Blow Dry
(Its just what it says it is - does not include brush out!)

Short Haired - $15.00
Long Haired - $25.00

"Nice Dog" Nail Trim / Dremel


(We don't want to be the bad guys, so if your pet won't let us trim nails without muzzling and restraint, we'd prefer not to do it.)

Grooming Delivery and Pick Up
(to/from your regular groomer in a 10mi radius)

‚Äč$25 round trip

In-House Grooming

The Uppity Pup is owned and operated by Ashton Hale Champlin and is located directly across the street from the Country Club.  She offers full grooming services Mondays, Fridays and Saturdays in the comfort of her home.  If you'd like to treat your fuzzy family member to a Spa Day prior to going home from at stay with us, please schedule an appointment via
or call 205-504-7274. 

Appointments must be made directly with Ashton, but payment can be processed at CCC at check out.