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Canine Country Club strives to provide a safe, sanitary and fun "vacation" experience for your four-legged family member.  Please review these policies & procedures to ensure a smooth check-in and successful boarding experience for your pet.

1.  YOUR ACCOUNT:  After booking your initial reservation with us, you should receive an email to Claim Your Account and complete your Pet’s Profile.  The more information we capture about your pet prior to arrival, the faster your initial check in will be.  Doing this will also allow you to book online in the future via our Online Reservation Portal at the bottom of the Accommodations page on the website.  (Check your SPAM folder if its not in your IN box!) 

2.  VACCINATIONS:  Please provide a copy of your most recent shot records for our files.   We require the standard annual vaccinations:  Rabies, DHLPP and Bordetella.  However, we are a minimal vaccination facility and understand that older pets and some with certain medical conditions do not need annual vaccinations.  We are happy to accept a Titer report or an Exemption from your vet.  Email:
CanineCountryClub@gmail.com  Sorry, we do not have a fax number.

3. MINIMUM AGE:  When all puppy/first vaccines have been administered and the dog is fully immunized.  Usually around 16 weeks of age.

4.  CHARGES:  Your dog's check in day is considered your first full day, regardless of check in time.  Any pet picked up after 9am will incur a 1/2 day boarding charge.   Your reservation confirmation will not reflect your final day’s charges. 

5.  FOOD:  We highly recommend that you provide your dog's regular food so that we can maintain his/her regular diet to avoid upset tummies. We prefer that the food be individually bagged per serving, or just enough in large zip lock bag(s) to cover their stay.  Please do not bring large containers or 40lb bags of dog food unless you have multiple pets boarding together for more than a week.  Having your dog's food fit in the bin that corresponds to his/her Clubhouse will insure proper feeding.  If you do not provide your dog's food, we will provide our Premium House food for $5/day.

6.  AGGRESSIVE DOGS:  We are not trained or staffed to handle dogs that are territorial or display any aggression towards people or other dogs.  If you have any concern about your dog’s behavior in a boarding environment, please discuss this with us prior to making a reservation.

7.  PROPERTY DAMAGE:  Each guest will be provided with a raised cot or kennel deck and a blanket for their stay.  If your dog might be destructive to these items, please advise us upon check in and we will provide alternative bedding options that are more durable.  You will be responsible for any damage that your dog does to CCC property.  Replacement cost for Kuranda Cots is $80, Doggie Door Flaps $40 and Blankets $10.  You are welcome to bring your pet's bedding, toys, bones and any special treats to make them feel more at home, however we are not responsible for lost or damaged personal items.

8.  GROUP PLAY:  Each dog undergoes a period of evaluation and temperament testing during each stay.  Dogs from the same family, as well as those that we determine are compatible, may play together in groups in our indoor and outdoor play yards.  IF YOU DO NOT WANT YOUR DOG TO PLAY WITH OTHER DOGS, PLEASE NOTIFY US UPON CHECK IN.

​9.  EXCESSIVE CLEAN UP:  Your dog will have a minimum of 4-5 opportunities per day to use the bathroom, either on a leash walk or in one of our play yards.  Dogs who repeatedly mess up their kennels - above and beyond what we consider normal or expected, whether due to lack of house training, incontinency, or any other medical condition - will be charged an additional $10/day to cover the staff’s time to keep their Clubhouse sanitary. 

10.  HOLIDAY WEEK MINIUMUM STAYS, DEPOSITS AND EXCLUSIONS:  Due to our limited capacity, we must require a 3-night minimum stay and a $75 non-refundable deposit paid at the time of booking during the following holidays:  Spring Break, Memorial Day, 4th of July, Thanksgiving and Christmas.  We will honor our Country Club Members discount and 10% off discount for Rescues, Military and Seniors for our regular customers, but cannot accept any other special discount offers of gift certificates during these holidays.

Please feel free to contact us if you have any questions or concerns. 

James & Jackie Hale

Download our Boarding Agreement and Liability Waiver.  

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