The Clubhouse with Patio space offers the same 24 square feet of interior climate-controlled space with a doggie door that opens to a 16 sq ft patio for those dogs who enjoy taking in the fresh air or basking in the sunshine.  Completely under cover, they will have protection from the elements anytime they venture outside.  The patio is not a substitute for their regular potty breaks or play yard time - it is simply an additional space for them to enjoy.

* 4 Grand Clubhouse w/Patio spaces measuring 5' x 6' (30 sq ft) are available for large breed dogs boarding together.  There is no additional charge, but space is assigned at our discretion.

Clubhouse w/Patio Rates

Pets up to 40lbs - $35/night
Pets 40lbs - 80lbs - $40/night
Pets over 80lbs - $45/night

Discount for each additional pet from the same family in same Clubhouse - $5/pet.  Maximum of 2 Medium/Large dogs or 3 Small dogs per Clubhouse.


Your dog's check-in day is counted as your first full day,  regardless of check-in time.

HOLIDAY WEEK MINIUMUM STAYS, DEPOSITS AND EXCLUSIONS:  Due to our limited capacity, we must require a 3 night minimum stay and a $75 non-refundable deposit during the following holidays:  Spring Break, Memorial Day, 4th of July, Thanksgiving, and Christmas.  The deposit will be paid at the time of booking and applied towards the cost of the reservation.  We will honor our Country Club Members discount and 10% off discount for Rescues, Military and Seniors for our regular customers, but cannot accept any other special discount offers or gift certificates during these major holidays.

DROP OFF AND PICK UP TIMES:  We are a small-scale, family owned and operated facility.  Because we live on the property, and also have a show horse training operation, we have scheduled drop off and pick up hours for the kennel and we schedule tours by appointment only.  Thank you in advance for your courtesy and cooperation.


This reservation link operates best from a computer or tablet - do not try to use your smart phone.

ENTER YOUR EMAIL ADDRESS FIRST, then select BOARDING from the Category List and you will be redirected to the New Customer Registration Portal. 

Thank you for taking a few minutes to fill out your Pet's Profile as completely as possible, and be sure to choose the correct SIZE CATEGORY (Small - Medium - Large) for your dog so that the right charges will be reflected on your reservation confirmation.

PREFERRED INTERNET BROWSERS:  Google Chrome or Internet Explorer (it's not crazy about Safari).  If you have any trouble with this online registration and booking request, please feel free to call us at 205-258-2582 or email your boarding request to

Our Standard Indoor Clubhouses are

24 square feet of climate-controlled private space. 

* 4 Grand Clubhouse spaces measuring 5' x 6' (30 sq ft) are available for large breed dogs boarding together.  There is no additional charge, but space is assigned at our discretion.

Standard Clubhouse Rates

Pets up to 40lbs - $25/night

Pets 40lbs - 80lbs - $30/night

Pets over 80lbs - $35/night

Discount for each additional pet from the same family in same Clubhouse - $5/pet.  Maximum of 2 Medium/Large dogs or 3 Small dogs per Clubhouse.

Day Boarding

Standard Clubhouse 

Basic Service Includes:

Minimum of 4 potty breaks a day

Two 30+ minute Play Yard Sessions

AM and PM feedings

Each clubhouse comes equipped with a raised Kuranda cot or Kennel Deck and blanket - but we encourage you to provide any additional bedding or toys to make your pet feel more at home.  We highly recommend that you provide your pet's regular food to avoid upset tummies.  There is an additional charge for us to feed our Premium House food.  Scroll down to the bottom of this page for the Paw Loyalty Online Reservation Portal to set up an account and book your dog's next vacation!

Clubhouse with Patio

Day Boarding is available WEEKDAYS ONLY,  Monday - Friday, with drop off from 7-9am and pick up between 4-6 pm.  Dogs are provided the same basic services and accommodations as our overnight guests.  They are assigned a Standard Clubhouse, get regular walks and potty breaks, and plenty of Play Time in our indoor or outdoor yards.  

Play Days are a great way to introduce dogs to us and our facility, and also provide an opportunity for your young or timid dog to get some exercise and socialization!

Day Boarding is subject to availability and is not offered during busy Holiday Weeks.

Daily Rate:  $25.00

5 Day Package:  $22.50/day
10 Day Package:  $20.00/day
20 Day Package:  $19.00/day

Packages good for 30 days.

Pick Up and Drop Off Hours

Monday - Friday7am - 9am4pm - 6pm
Saturday7am - 9amClosed
SundayClosed4pm - 6pm

Your check-in day is counted as your dog’s first full day, regardless of check-in time. If you choose to drop off during our morning hours, the earlier in the day your dogs arrives, the more activity they will get before dinner and bedtime!  

Pets picked up after 9am will incur a 1/2 day's boarding charge.

We are open for tours by appointment and prefer to schedule them during our weekday afternoon hours, 4-6pm.  Please call to schedule a tour and feel free to bring your dog along to meet us!

Additional Indoor or Outdoor Play Yard Time

30 minutes - $10.00

Extra Walks or Potty Breaks


Golf Cart Ride

10 minutes - $5.00

Country Club Provided Meals


Bedtime Treat & Tuck-In


Exit Bath and Blow Dry Only

(It's just what it says it is - does not include brush out!)

Short Haired - $15.00

Long Haired - $25.00

"Nice Dog" Nail Trim/Dremel


(We don't want to be the bad guys, so if your pet won't let us trim nails without muzzling and restraint, we'd prefer not to do it.)

Grooming Delivery and Pick Up

(to/from your regular groomer in a 10mi radius)


​Want treat your dog to a Spa Day?

Check out for more grooming options!

Additional Services

Online Booking Request

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At last a place you can feel good about leaving your best friend when you have to be away!  Not too far out of town, but far from the hustle and bustle of the city or a noisy clinic setting.  A "Country Club" where there is plenty of space for long walks, room to run and play, or just soak up the fresh air and sunshine.  If you are looking for a small-scale boarding kennel where you pet has a name, not a run number, you've just hit the jackpot!


We converted 1/2 of our horse training stable into a dog boarding facility in December, 2016.  The 3200 square foot climate-controlled space offers 31 "Clubhouse" spaces.  The perimeter of the farm is completely fenced, and we have entrance gates, so your pet is safe and secure.


Our Indoor Play Area features K9Grass in a 400 sq ft space in the center of the kennel.  This serves as a turnout and exercise area, and and place to "go" during inclement weather. 


The Outdoor Play Area is a 7500 sq ft area with grass and shade trees, enclosed by a 6ft chain link fence. 


There is a 60" Flat Screen TV at one end of the kennel, viewable by all the Clubhouses, for your pet's entertainment.  We want to make them feel as if they are at home!


We are avid dog lovers and well-versed in animal husbandry, so we can handle your special-needs pet and will administer medications at no additional charge.  However, we are not trained or equipped to manage any dogs that are territorial or demonstrate aggression towards people or other dogs.  

MINIMUM AGE REQUIREMENT:  16 WEEKS, or when all the puppy/first vaccines have been administered and the dog is fully immunized.


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